Land Clearing

Land Clearing Services You Can Rely On

Land Clearing Services You Can Rely On

Taylor Dirtworks in Kalamazoo, MI has the expertise you need

Maybe you need forestry mulching services, or maybe a stump is in the way of your construction project. Either way, Taylor Dirtworks has got your back. We provide reliable land clearing services to residential clients in Kalamazoo, MI and the surrounding area within 20 miles.

Clear your land today - call 269-760-6527 to make an appointment.

Find out what we can do for you

Don't hesitate to call Taylor Dirtworks in Kalamazoo, MI for your land clearing needs. Our land clearing services include:

  • Forestry mulching - get rid of unwanted vegetation and prevent erosion
  • Stump removal - improve the visual appeal and safety of your property
  • Debris haul-off - remove and dispose of shrubs and other debris
  • Debris burning - clean up your land and restore nutrients to your soil

Take the first step toward prepping your land for a new build. Request a free estimate on land clearing services today.